Personal CFO & Business Succession

Personal CFO & Business Succession

You have nurtured and grown a business that you care about. A business or business enterprise that reflects your values and aspirations and is built on your hard work. You have invested your time and treasure building an engine that has and will continue to provide for you and your family.

Personal CFO

You may have found that your personal and professional life is intertwined in unanticipated ways. As nearly every business owner comes to realize, at some point your personal financial needs will need to be identified and cared for separately from the goals and objectives of the business.

Business succession

While you may be in no hurry to retire, you realize the importance of preparing the next generation of leaders – family or new owners – and lock in the value that you have created.

How Blue Tree Can Help You

We are here to help you envision the future and work through the process of ensuring both you and your family’s financial needs are met along with the continuity of the business.

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Personalized, comprehensive financial planning for you and your family.

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Business succession strategies.

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Family governance structure for intergenerational business transfer.